Do you like surfing? Many foreign tourists hunt surfing spots in Indonesia. One of the best spot surfing in Indonesia is in West Sumatra Province, namely Mentawai Islands. It has around 32 outermost islands.

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1. Location

Professional surfers often make Mentawai their chosen destination. Located off the coast of Padang, West Sumatra, Mentawai Islands is a paradise for surf lovers. The location of Mentawai Islands is in the middle of Indian Ocean. Beautiful and marvelous seas surround this location.

2. Surf spots

Surfing spots on Mentawai beach became the second best in the world after Hawaii. This island has 400 surfing spots with different levels of difficulty. One of the favorite places to surf in the islands is Sipora Island. In fact, this island is included in the list of the 20 best surf spots in the world, CNN Travel. In addition, there are several surfing spots with large and high waves, including in Bosua Village which has waves reaching 3 meters, Nyang-Nyang Island in Katurei Village with waves reaching approximately 4 meters or Karamajat Island which has waves length and height which reaches 2 to 4 meters. With so many spots, Mentawai Islands can be called a paradise for surfers.

3. Specialty

Mentawai Islands are rich in tourist attractions especially for lovers of the beauty of the beach and water sports. Face to face with the Indian Ocean, making Mentawai has waves that are in great demand for world surfers. In 2016 the archipelago hosted a world-class surfing competition called Mentawai Pro. Seven of the 71 total surf spots are part of the ten best surfing spots in the world.

4. Fee

Retribution fees from the Mentawai Islands Regency Government for foreign and local tourists are applied differently. Foreign tourists are Rp. 1 million per 15 days. Local tourists are Rp. 100,000 per 15 days. The retribution is only applied to tourists who want to surf. Snorkeling and holiday activities are free retribution.

What are you waiting for? Read all information and immediately plan your visit to Mentawai Islands.