Many different types of food are in every city in Indonesia. It ranges from fast food to regional specialties. Of the many foods that exist, only a few types of food are familiar with travelers. This closeness is due to a number of factors, such as price, taste, and easy to get. Well, here are very familiar foods with travelers.

1. Meatball (Bakso)

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This round food is very familiar to everyone. In fact, the 44th President of the United States Barrack Obama was unable to resist the deliciousness of meatballs while visiting Indonesia. It’s easy to find meatballs. From mobile carts to fancy restaurants, this typical Indonesian menu is available. Especially during the rainy season, hot meatballs are always worth to wait.

2. Chicken Noodles (Mie Ayam)

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When talking about meatballs, we can’t forget chicken noodles. Both of these foods are arguably populist for Indonesian citizens. Apart from being tasty, chicken noodles are also a favorite at heart, because the price is quite affordable.

3. Padang Cuisine (Masakan Padang)

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Padang cuisine is one of the typical foods famous for its delicacy. The cuisine has spread to foreign countries. Forgoing, Padang cuisine has been enjoyed by various groups especially travelers. Some travelers put forward to be the mainstay menu. Besides its deliciousness, it’s easy to find Padang rice, and of course the portions are abundant.

4. Mixed Rice (Nasi Campur)

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Home stalls can be found anywhere. The menu provided is also typical of home cooking. Of the many choices, mixed rice is the favorite. In one serving, we can enjoy several processed dishes. This is used by travelers to enjoy the complete taste with the simplicity of costs.

5. Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

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Fried rice one of Indonesia’s unique foods that have been worldwide. Fried rice prepared and mixed with its special spices is very popular with everyone. Besides being cheap, fried rice is easy to get. About the taste, it’s definitely delicious. Moreover, added eggs on top, complete with shredded chicken and vegetable pieces.

6. Satay (Sate)

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Not only fried rice that is global, the food of travelers is also included in the row of the best food in the world. Baked meat mixed with these herbs is always addictive. Usually served with peanut sauce or soy sauce with shallots, we can enjoy it with rice cake or rice. The most popular types of satay include chicken, beef, and goats.

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