Indonesia is a paradise for natural beautiful women. In almost every area there must be a beautiful woman. This makes us amazed is that each place has a distinctive beauty characteristic. Almost all regions in Indonesia keep the beautiful charm of their women, but some places are more famous than others. Well, which areas are famous for their beautiful line of women? Here’s the review.

1. Bandung

Bandung is not only famous for its row of cheap but tasty snacks and lots of friendly price distributions, but also the women. Mojang Bandung, as people describe their admiration for the beauty of the women in this city. These Bandung girls do have characteristics that make many women jealous in other areas. Yes, they are on average yellow skinned, slim body and added to the characteristic of her calm face.

2. Kalimantan

Discussing Indonesian beautiful women without mentioning Borneo is a big mistake. How not, in this place too many beautiful women. The characteristics of Kalimantan women themselves are smooth white skin, have a distinctive facial character, and charming body shape. Compared to other regions, Borneo female beauty is rarely known. Yes, they are like diamonds that must be found first from a pile of rocks.

3. Bali

Not only because of the beach, waves and unique culture that makes Bali so prosperous in the eyes of the world. Yes, again because of the sweet and beautiful native girl. The charming Balinese girls have long been the talk of foreign tourists who increasingly make them try their best to visit the Dewata Island.

4. Ambon

Ambon is also very famous as a place inhabited by many beautiful women. They even have characteristics that are not owned by any woman in Indonesia. Ambon women are famous for their rather dark but exotic skin, they also have an average nose, and the most visible is their curly and curly hair. It is the perfect combination and very Indonesian.

5. Manado

Manado is located in North Sulawesi. Manado girls are famous because the cleanliness of their skin is as beautiful as the sea surrounding it. They also have beauty like Latin girls whose gazes make us intoxicated.

6. Yogyakarta

Jogja is a student city. Many students from various parts of the archipelago came here. So it’s not surprising that many beautiful women you meet in Jogja. Also add original Jogja girls who have their own beauty. What are you waiting for, immediately visit the area in Indonesia and meet the natural beautiful women.

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